About us

Quantx Technology was started with the goal of introducing the financial software market to a new level of efficiency and transparency.


The founders of Quantx Technology have over 12 years of insightful experience of trading in Indian equity markets and developing trading solutions to suit the needs of traders. Established in year 2011, Quantx has already made its presence felt. This is reflected in clientele of leading brokerage houses that use trading solutions developed by Quantx.

Vaibhav Sethi (CEO and Founder)

Quantx is the brain child of Mr. Vaibhav Sethi. He is a rare blend of sound trading acumen and brilliant software development skills. A Bachelor of Information Technology, Vaibhav has more than 13 years of experience of trading in Indian equity markets and developing trading solutions to suit the needs of other traders. His core strength is his in-depth knowledge of Low Latency Arbitrage, High frequency trading and Algo trading.

Anubhav Sethi (Co-Founder, Business Development)

Anubhav, CMT (Level 3), is a maverick trader. He developed a passion for trading at an early age of 17. Anubhav is the brain behind various trading strategies and algo trading techniques used at Quantx. He possesses immense knowledge of equity and derivative markets and pretty well understands the needs of traders. Anubhav heads the Business Development division of QuantX.

Alap Waikar CTO (Chief Technology officer)

Mr. Waikar, B.E Information Technology, is the man behind software development programs of Quantx. He leads software development division of Quantx and is a die-hard coder. Mr. Waikar has 10 years of experience in development of software for capital markets. His understanding about Indian Capital Markets helps him develop trading software with finesse.



‘Financial Markets’ are intensely competitive. So, to stay in the game, you need to have the best tools up your sleeve. And technology is one of the most critical tools required in today’s world of trading. Our software are especially designed to bridge the gap between ‘what is available in the market’ and ‘what one wishes to deploy on the trading floor’, to ensure a better and easier trading experience.

Quantx Core Team comprises of IT professionals and Stock Market Professionals which gives us an edge over our competitors in understanding and making better products as per the needs of our clients.

In today’s world of trading where manual order entry has been replaced by automated trading robots, speed is not measured in terms of seconds but in micro-seconds. This indicates the speed of change with which traders need to shift to more sophisticated tools, as designed by QuantX, so as survive in the markets.



Our clientele includes hedge funds, proprietary trading firms, brokerage houses and retail traders. We continuously innovate and create sophisticated trading solutions to help traders remain ahead of the technology curve and maintain risk-reward balances.