qtx accelarated box

QTX Accelarated Box – Low Latency Arbitrage Solution

In today’s highly competitive environment, the ‘race to zero latency’ is fierce and facilities like Co-Location, High Speed Broadcast (tick by tick) have become weapons to win low-latency trading battles. To master latency sensitive strategies, QuantX Technology brings you a robust solution – “QTX Accelerated Box”. The Accelerated Box is a fully loaded and finely tuned server which comes with a robust QTX Trading platform and makes it optimum for Low Latency Algorithms and arbitrage strategies.


The Processor and its Architecture

Our team has done an extensive research, which is regularly updated, on the best possible processors available in the market. We run all tests that are realistic and critical in nature, such as TBT Test and Order Firing Test, to find out most suitable processors for Low Latency Algorithms.


The Clock Speed

Clock Speed is one of the most critical factors for latency. To get the highest ‘Clock Speed Per Core’, we have adopted the approach of ‘Over Clocking’. We have experts on our panel who have more than a decade of experience in ‘Over Clocking’.



In the game of latency, everything is mission critical; therefore, its better to be dependent on memory rather than operating from the hard disk. Hence, choosing the right RAM is an important decision.


The Hard Disk

Though hard disks are suppose to be always avoided, but there still are certain areas where Operating System needs to perform some Disk Operations. With our extensive research on Hard Disks, we choose the most suitable SSDs with maximum IOPS to ensure the minimum possible hit on the entire system’s performance.


The Network Card

This is one of the main bottlenecks in the latency game. Picking the wrong network Card, and the Driver associated with it, can spoil the party even if you’ve deployed the best software. It is for this reason that QuantX Technology has taken support of one of the leading Original Equipment Manufacturer of Low Latency networking equipments. The NIC Cards we use are not only the most latency optimized, but are also well integrated with our Software to ensure that we extract even the last ounce of juice from the system.


Operating System

OS is like physical body of the human being, where everything is hosted inside. Brain, Heart and other vital organs will be able to perform only if the host is robust. So we tune it finely, and strip it down to make it light weight. We also optimize the environment around the applications offered by our OS, to ensure no place for friction and latency.


Order Routing Engine and TBT Feed Parses

At QuantX Technology, we very well understand what can make or break a trading floor. Since the genesis of QuantX Technologies lies in the needs of traders, we critically understand the importance of latency in this game. Therefore, we have a highly Optimized ORMS, that is written using low level languages and Feed Parsers for all the exchanges like NSE cm / FO, NSE CD, MCX, BSE. The ORMS has been written with a very latency sensitive approach and every part of the code has been optimized to serve you best in this Low Latency war.


QTX Trading platform

QTX trading platform is a robust high frequency trading platform designed with innovative features and keeping it very flexible and easy for trading algorithms. What really makes QTX platform ahead of its competition is its superb user friendly interface. It includes various automated algorithms, including

1. Options based Strategies

a) 2L/3L/4L options strategies
b) Conversion Reversion
i. Bidding for Nifty Futures
ii. Bidding and IOC(HIT) for Stocks and Bank Nifty index
c) Butterfly – Butterfly Spreads
d) StraddleStrangle
e) Option Spreads – Horizontal and Vertical

2. Future based

a) Spreads ( Near-Mid, Near – Far and Mid –Far)
b) Pair Trading (Stock Vs Stock, Index vs Index)
c) Cash-Future Arbitrage


Some of the other features of the platform are

– Algo Charting
– Options Calculator / Options Chain
– DDE facility
– Custom Algorithms
– Script wise – Volume Analytics
– Powerful Watch list – Most Active Securities / Gainers / Loosers
– Price / Volume Alerts
– Compatible with World Class Charting Software – Amibroker
– Fully Automated Robo Trading Facility for Equity – Futures and Options

You will be glad to know that by choosing QuantX Technology, you are entrusting yourself to safe hands as many leading brokerage houses already carry out their arbitrage operations using QTX Accelerated Box.