QTX Robo Trading


Have you made mistakes in the market by allowing emotions to influence the trading decisions or not following your trading rules?

Welcome to the world of automated trading. QTX Robo Trading ensures a disciplined and hassle-free approach in trading. It enables you to trade with pre-defined rules without letting emotions, of greed and fear, come in way of decision making. Icing on the cake is that Robo Trading does all of the above in quickest time possible.


How does Robo Trading work?

Robo Trading is a powerful platform that acts as a bridge between charting software (Amibroker) and trading platforms.

1. It takes inputs (such as quantity, profit/ loss targets) from the trader
2. Utilizes buying/ selling signals, generated on charting software, based on your trading rules
3. And, executes trades on NOW platform using NEST API.