QTX Trader Workstation


QTX trading platform is a robust high frequency trading platform designed with innovative features and keeping it very flexible and easy for trading algorithms. What really makes QTX platform ahead of its competition is its superb user friendly interface. It includes various automated algorithms, including

1. Options based Strategies

a) 2L/3L/4L options strategies
b) Conversion Reversion
i. Bidding for Nifty Futures
ii. Bidding and IOC(HIT) for Stocks and Bank Nifty index
c) Butterfly – Butterfly Spreads
d) Straddle Strangle
e) Option Spreads – Horizontal and Vertical

2. Future based

a) Spreads ( Near-Mid, Near – Far and Mid –Far)
b) Pair Trading (Stock Vs Stock, Index vs Index)
c) Cash-Future Arbitrage


Some of the other features of the platform are

  • Algo Charting
  • Options Calculator / Options Chain
  • DDE facility
  • Custom Algorithms
  • Script wise – Volume Analytics
  • Powerful Watch list – Most Active Securities / Gainers / Loosers
  • Price / Volume Alerts
  • Compatible with World Class Charting Software – Amibroker
  • Fully Automated Robo Trading Facility for Equity – Futures and Options