to the finest quant
funds across globe

As a Financial Technology Company, our Ultra-Low latency API and advanced trading algorithms enable us to be a pioneer in Quantitative Trading across different asset classes in multiple exchanges globally.


Our vision is to keep generating alpha returns from quantitative trading with a disciplined and scalable approach


QuantX develops and deploys systematic quantitative strategies across a variety of asset classes and markets, We seek to continuously generate alpha from trading strategies focused on market inefficiencies and predictive models


We grow by fostering close collaboration with select few Prime Brokers, Hedge Funds and other onshore and offshore Institutions by taking their quantitative trading activities to futuristic levels



Our small team of finest engineers and capital market professionals make sure we are always ahead.

Intelligent Algorithms
Our Systems are well equipped to automatically switch from strategy to strategy based on overall market conditions
We encourage all employees to relentlessly pursue trading ideas with a spirit of intellectualism and practicality
Research & Development
Continuous research efforts help us to discover opportunities and better ways of execution to keep us at the top of the pyramid
Image module
Bridging the Gap
From point to point lines to Hardware enhancement, our team makes sure everything is in place to improve the returns
Multiple Exchanges
We have already established our self across few of the major exchanges and we strive to grow across globe to wherever opportunities exist
Multiple Asset Classes
Our strong building blocks are normalized and can be used across asset classes including Equity, Currency, Commodities and Derivatives
Tick to Trade

less than 1900 Nano Seconds

Orders per day

More than 25 million

Monthly Trading Turnover

more than 4 Billion USD


553, Spaze Itech Park, Sohna Road, Gurgaon


+91 -124-4361739

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